I just ordered my first BBQ Box, what box can I expect to receive?

A: Short answer, the Welcome Box. Due to a large, unknown number of monthly sign ups we have to have 1 box as a welcome kit (version 1.0 of each box) ready by the shipping date so we have enough in stock for all of our new customers. For that reason we order thousands of items for the three Welcome Boxes, ready to go since the shipping window (25th-30th) is so small after the cutoff time (the 24th), so we can get you your box asap.

I just received my BBQ Box Welcome kit, what box will I get next?

A: After you receive BBQ Box Welcome Kit, your next box (the following month) will be the normal BBQ box.

Can I skip the Welcome Box?

A: No, all new customers will receive the Welcome Box as their first box.

When can I expect to start receiving my BBQ Box after I have subscribed?

A: If you have signed up by 11:59pm EST on the 24th of each month, your BBQ Box will ship by the 30th of that month, and should arrive no later than the 5th. If you sign up after 11:59pm EST on the the 24th, your BBQ Box shipment will begin on the following month. For example, if you subscribe on JUNE 15th, your BBQ Box will ship by JUNE 30th. If you subscribe on JUNE 29th, your first BBQ Box will ship by JULY 30th.

Is the fee just for one month or a whole year?

A: This is a monthly service. You are billed monthly, and receive your package the following month.

When will I be billed on my account?

A: The first time you subscribe; your payment will be processed for your first shipment immediately. Afterwards, payments will be processed on the 5th of each month. On first shipments, if your order is placed by the 24th, re-billing will start the 5th of the following month. On orders placed after the 24th, re-billing will begin on the 5th of the month after the following month.

How long is the subscription I am signing up for?

A: Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel, and is billed monthly ONLY! Cancel anytime. No contracts. We know you are going to love the items in your BBQ Box each month and will remain a customer for years to come!

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

A: Login to your account at www.BBQBox.com and click the login button in the top right corner of your screen. Type the email address you used to sign up with and your password. If you have forgotten your password, simply click “Forgot Password?’ and an email will be sent for you to reset it. Once, you have logged in, you will see a box that says “Your Subscription(s).” At the bottom of that box, is an “EDIT” button. Click “EDIT.” When the new screen pops up, Click “Cancel Subscription” on the bottom left. Then confirm on the next screen, by clicking “Cancel Me.” That’s it, you are done. If you want to just skip one month due to financial or any other reason, you can choose that option instead of clicking “Cancel Subscription.”

When will I receive my last BBQ Box if I cancel my subscription?

A: If you cancel before the 5th, you will not receive a BBQ Box the next month. If you cancel on or after the 5th, you will receive one more BBQ Box the following month. This question only pertains to those that have already received their first shipment and are on a standard billing cycle.

Can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, because we purchase our products based on PAID subscribers, we cannot give refunds after the billing cycle has been completed. You can, of course cancel, whenever you like, but if you cancel after the billing period (5th of the month), then you will receive one more BBQ Box subscription. Also, if you pay for a single subscription, and then decide to cancel before you have received your first shipment, you will still receive the one you paid for, and no more will be shipped after that.

How can I skip a month, without canceling my entire subscription?

A: Sign in to your account. Under “Your Subscription,” click EDIT. On the top right, click “SKIP NEXT SHIPMENT.” Confirm by clicking, “YES, SKIP IT.” Now you are all set. You will still receive the current box you have already paid for if you haven’t already, but you will automatically skip the next billing cycle. After that, your subscription will continue as normal. IMPORTANT: If you plan to skip the very next month, you must make this change before your account gets rebilled on the 5th. For Example: If it is June 26th, and you decide you want to skip your July box, you can simply do so by making the changes as described. If it is June 30th, and you make the changes to your account, you will actually skip August, as your July box payment has already been processed, as of June 5th.

What shipping company do you use to ship?

A: We use either USPS Priority/First Class mail.

Why didn't I get my package?

A: It is the customer’s responsibility to enter their information in checkout correctly and double check it in their account settings. We have no way of knowing what your correct address should be. Please verify address and email address in your account settings.

When do you ship the boxes?

A: We ship on the 25th-30th of each month, except when those days fall on weekends or holidays, in which case we will begin shipping boxes on the next postal work day. You should receive your box no later than the 5th.

What happens if my card is declined by my financial institution?

A: We will try and bill you again over the next ten days. During that time, you can add funds to your account, edit payment information, or contact your financial institution’s fraud department to make sure they aren’t flagging our system from processing the payment.

Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes!